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In 2007, he played the title character in Hallam Foe – for which he was nominated for the best actor award at the British Independent Film Awards – and appeared as himself in lonelygirl15 spin-off Kate Modern.

He had roles in two 2008 films: the sci-fi film Jumper and the World War II drama Defiance.

If you’re looking to be turned on by streaming services this month, here’s what you should be watching.

After a stint in a mental institution, former teacher Pat Solitano moves back in with his parents and tries to reconcile with his ex-wife.

In the second film he plays Asael Bielski, the third of the Bielski Brothers – leaders of a partisan group that saved some 1,200 lives during the Holocaust.

In 2009, it was announced Bell would play the title role in the motion capture film The Adventures of Tintin, alongside British double act Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

Lying naked beside you in that tiny apartment - it suddenly hit me that I was part of this whole larger thing. Before that, I was just living my life like I knew everything - and suddenly this bright light hit me and woke me up. In the Marvel films she plays an uber-woman, In LUCY she a woman who evolves beyond evolution itself.

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He also appeared in Close and True, an ITV legal drama shown in 2000, which starred Robson Green, James Bolam, and Susan Jameson.

A couple of those turned out to be far less impressive than the hype would have you believe.

Rachel Mc Adams and her True Detective co-star Taylor Kitsch have reportedly been dating, and Dish Nation obtained exclusive photos of the two together on July 18 in which an eyewitness revealed the couple was "canoodling." The familiar Googie-styled "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" sign is iconic and instantly recognizable.

Theodore is a lonely man in the final stages of his divorce.

When he's not working as a letter writer, his down time is spent playing video games and occasionally hanging out with friends.

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